Amazing grace

I smile

When I began university I met a friend who was very beautiful and loving. We would go out for coffee and she was someone I could talk to about anything that I needed to talk about. She was my angel on earth.

I developed a fear of losing her because my friends before her were no more, they had moved on and so did I. And she was one of those girls I always wanted to know and say happily that she’s my friend.

However, a year ago I moved out of Pretoria and moved to Johannesburg to study and learn at the same time. But, she stayed in Pretoria and so I stopped seeing her often.

This new chapter in my life was exciting and I wanted to keep her in this chapter as well.

Sadly, we parted ways and that hurt me severely because I stopped having someone who was genuine like she was to talk to.

Letting go was very difficult because I knew her for 2 years and in a short period of time she was like my sister.

Through it all I have been learning to smile even though I want to cry because there is alot I want to tell her but she’s out of reach. God isn’t out of reach. He is closer than my breath.

It’s been Jesus from day 1, who has been providing for me. I’m forever in awe of God and his beauty. God’s grace is amazing!!!!!!!!!

I’m not angry and I still love like I’ve never been hurt and that is beautiful because too many people are bitter in the world today.

I refuse to be bitter and angry. #Blessed #Loved #Forgiven

Come to the table

Redeemed by the blood of Jesus

During my first Encounter service at church in 2013 I learned about the blood of Jesus and how significant it is to me and my family.

Today I finally understand what the blood of redemption means. I no longer walk in fear because I understand that I belong to Jesus and I’m no longer a slave to sin because Jesus redeemed me.

Come to the table is a song that I love as it mentions redemption. Yes, let’s all come to the table and join the sinners who have been redeemed and let us take our place beside our saviour Jesus Christ.

Because we have been redeemed we can live holy because our new master is Christ Jesus.

#Redeemed #Blessed #To Christ be the glory and honour forever and ever.

Praying without ceasing


During the past year I have been through alot. I spent most of my December vacation in a psychiatric hospital recovering from depression and anxiety. Through it all God was with me and praying without ceasing helped me heal much faster. As I prayed I always had hope in my heart. This I did because Christ himself is my hope. And most importantly Christ responds to faith filled prayers.

When I was in hospital we were advised to go for therapy. To be honest I attended a few sessions then I decided I’m not attending anymore because it wasn’t helpful at all. The best therapy is prayer and music about Christ. The lyrics really remind me that I don’t have to understand when I trust Jesus. My favourite song in christian music right now is New wine by hillsong. Everytime I listen to this song I get renewed hope.


Peace is an emotion I have been struggling to experience consistently throughout my childhood years and teenage years because I was being bullied a lot and I didn’t fit in with the cool kids. As a result of this, my self esteem dropped and I had a negative perception of myself then I also began having a negative perception on life as well.

Even as a born again christian I couldn’t accept myself as God had made me and I struggled on the inside with bitterness, jealousy, loneliness, and depression. I was bitter because I felt that God wasn’t really with me and that he loved other believers around me more because they had friends that loved them as they were and that made me jealous. As time went by loneliness got me depressed and suicidal.

This year things changed a lot because I got to encounter God on a whole new level. I now know how much the Lord loves me and that he has no favorites and he loves us all the same.

I don’t have to fear rejection as I did my whole entire life until this year recently. Fear is the direct opposite of faith and peace is also the opposite of fear. When I stopped caring about what people thought about me I had so much peace.

Furthermore, I understand that I am unique and I am fearfully and wonderfully made by God. I just need to commit myself to God for further growth spiritually. Moreover, I have learned to accept who I am in Christ. There is no use in trying to be like someone else because I am not someone else.

In conclusion, God loves me and all his children. We are special and unique. No eye has seen and no ear has heard what the Lord has planned for those who love him. God provides forever. Jesus makes everything workout for those who love him.

Thy will be done

As a believer I have been learning to ask God to give me grace to do his will. There are three reasons I did this.

Firstly I know that the will of God is to give me hope and a future. Jeremiah 29vs11

Secondly God is with me, he is God Immanuel which means God with us. So, if he allows a situation to occur he will provide me with strength, courage and hope.

Thirdly, because through past experiences I know that it is not wise to fight the will of God. I can throw the dice but God determines how it falls.